Case Study

Company Profile

SLDG (Dental Office) was established in 2007, and is located in the state of Nevada just outside of Reno. The company operates a medium sized dental practice specializing in general family dentistry with three practicing dentists.

Business Situation

  • SLDG has been a highly profitable company, looking to expand in the next few years, but is concerned about the recent erosion of their market share due to an increase of competition in the area.
  • Customer loyalty has also declined over recent years due to a reduction of healthcare benefits and to “low price” competitors.  
  • SLDG is the top rated and most trusted dental practice in their area and has maintained their market share for this reason.  
  • SLDG is currently working on implementing a warranty program in order to differentiate the services they offer.  
  • The directors lack the resources to seamlessly integrate this program in a timely manner without affecting day to day operations.  
  • The directors are unaware of claim rates that will rise once the warranty program is implemented.  
  • SLDG contacted outside firms to implement a warranty plan, however, the exorbitant prices and restrictive stipulations in the warranty deterred the directors from moving forward until they were referred to SRA.  

Find out how the Dental Protection Plan helped SLDG streamline their warranty program while providing superior protection for their patients.



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