Own Your Own Protection Plan

Give Proper Care to Patients While Building a Successful Warranty Program

In today’s ever changing environment, it’s important for any successful dental practice to develop a competitive advantage in the marketplace and mitigate the risks that come along with day to day practice operations. The dental industry is no different. Over the years, increasing overhead costs and reduction of health benefits has eroded profits. Customers are also looking for added benefits when choosing a dental practice and, with the amount of competition in the marketplace, customer retention is becoming increasingly difficult. The Dental Protection Plan (DPP) was created with these things in mind.
Protect Your Patient’s Dental Investment While Increasing Customer Loyalty.

What is Dental Protection?

The DPP is a limited warranty program, modeled after those used in other industries, and applied to specific dental products. There are several warranty programs currently being utilized by dental practices today, however, these programs tend be costly and time consuming for a practice to implement effectively. 

The DPP is a Turnkey program that minimizes practice disruption because the framework is already in place with a defined warranty, comprehensive agreements, and a trained administration staff to handle the DPP implementation and claims that may arise. The dentist is also given the ability to choose the length of the warranty and how the warranty costs will be administered. Essentially, you’re replacing 3rd party options with your own, and streamlining the process for your patients.

Stop marketing products at the benefit of 3rd party insurance companies and take control of your own warranty program.

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